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We help our clients deliver successful innovation. Whether designing new programmes, guiding entrepreneurs, leading agile technology trials, transforming innovation culture or training intrapreneurs we make sure the benefits of innovation are realised.


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Corporates & Enterprises

We help organisations that want to improve their innovation capabilities and results with proven tools and methods that get the job done and deliver success. From generating novel and disruptive ideas, making a successful commercial case, collaborating with hitech startups, developing a culture of innovation thought to accelerating and improving  implementation success.  With over 100 years of combined experience leading innovation in large organisations we know what it takes to succeed at innovation. 

Startups & small businesses

We help startups and smaller businesses develop their proposition, identify relevant industry use cases and create powerful demonstrators that grab the attention of target customers. We know how hard it can be to find a door into a large companies and work effectively with them. We’ll help you find the right people, make a powerful and relevant pitch that captures attention and then work with complex corporate cultures and processes. We’ve worked in big organisations, founded our own businesses and worked with many startups. We know what it takes to make it work and we can help you too.

From our clients

“A wealth of practical experience in making innovation happen in organisations, both large and small.”

Jean-Marc Frangos, SVP of Innovation at BT

Learning & Development

The world is changing at an ever increasing rate. The methods, frameworks and skills that innovators need in order to be successful are constantly evolving.  How do academic establishments and training companies ensure they are equipping the business men, women and students of tomorrow with the entrepreneurial skills and mindset they need today? We have deep experience of making innovation work across industries and can help you bring an up to date “applied innovation” perspective for your programmes, faculty teams and students:

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